Change PIN Blackberry ( BBM )

Author Catty Wilson on Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

How To Change Blackberry Pin Messenger | Tricks Changing BB Pin - When you want to replace the BB PIN, then you should learn How to clone a BlackBerry PIN. BB Blackberry How To Change the PIN using the Radio Lab Tools. These tips I got from the forum about how to change IMEI side and BlackBerry.Penggantian Pin BB PIN is usually done for Blackberry or BB that hit suspend or block such as the Blackberry Gemini 8520 my friend, or maybe my friend can do the same to the second BB pal.

(Make sure you are in the condition BB bootloader)

1. Open the program Radio Lab Tool (Please Search the Internet).
2. BB Connect handset to PC
3. Click on the blue PC image on the top left corner to connect
4. Click on the "Available Views" and "ID"
5. Enter the IMEI and Pin sought-after in column BB Pin and Imei, BSN Let the column as it is on the tab and then click write imei and pin tab.
6. flash back your OS using Desktop Manager.

To check whether it is successful, please press the disconnect and connect again in the ID column options click the tab imei and pin read to see if your pin and imei has changed.

How To Change BB PIN Using the Blackberry Manager

    1. Install the latest BlackBerry Manager, or use the default cd provided
    2. Install. Net Framework 2.0
    3. Install BlackBerry OS / flashfile in accordance with the blackberry phone model you
    4. Download and Install software unlock RIM - MML (MFI MultiLoader)
    5.  Unzip all parts Multiloader to c: \ MML
    6. Connect to the PC, turn off your internet connection
    7. Wipe the handle of the blackberry, it would appear the words "Erasing Information ..."
    8. Turn on the MML, wait until done, then automatically restore blackberry ter =
    9. In the event hangs, do upgrade to BlackBerry Desktop Manager
   10.  Then enter the PIN from the official box, or which handset you buy, do not use your BlackBerry PIN hack because it potentially will not be used

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Suspend Blackberry PIN?

Author Catty Wilson

How to Cope with BB Pin Yang On Suspend - Before you follow up your Blackberry suddenly not be used for fuel-an.BlackBerry that can not be used to fuel an Blackberry PIN is usually due to a suspended from the rim. For explanation, please read carefully the following description:
1.What PIN does it?
At BB's PIN is a unique marker that distinguishes what we have with BB BB belongs to someone else. It is almost the same PIN like IMEI It is almost the same PIN like YM id ... could using that to chat with the other PIN BB PIN Create What's that?
BB PIN and IMEI are the same as "Username" and "Password" us to LOGIN or CONNECT ... LOGIN / CONNECT to? To "" alias to the RIM Blackberry server ... usually we belix perpaket daily / weekly / monthly If you can LOGIN / CONNECT, then the writing on the BB is not "GSM / GPRS small / small edge" but "GPRS / EDGE" Kalauyg already existing 3G 3G + posts BB logo, klu cuman 3G BB wrote without a logo that means blom conect. To surf from BB only (browsing, chat), PIN does not need to be registered [operator]. IMEI + PIN registration to the [operator]. it just for PushMail. What is a PIN Suspend & Symptoms?
That means we do not have permission to enter "" or nga could air an internet BB msh could make the internet, but like usual ... got GPRS tariff (although we udh buy the package). How: Setting in "Options - Advanced Options - TCP" ... nah live enter APN - Username - Password accordance Operator masing2 BB msh can make SMS n nelpon What is the cause Suspend PIN?
BB traded "illegal" BB has been reported as stolen in the earlier report by who pny BB bhw BBx ilang / disappear Rim of the BB pny special reason to suspend me pin tersebut.Amankah your PIN?
Insert the SIM cards BB service was already active Open the [operator]. of BB / PC or select the icon "Email Settings" in BB Choose "Create New Account" Then Enter the PIN and IMEI If it is safe go straight to the menu, tp klu suspend "PIN is Suspended" Another way to check the blackberry PIN are safe or not, note the time of purchase:

Match the IMEI and PIN on the back of the sticker near the battery with the IMEI in the unit that we can check when the blackberry is on (press alt + A + H together), if not the same, we can be sure it is cloningan ato PIN generated. if equal, then I proceed to step two. By checking the IMEI with the help of international imei checking website, which is diInternational Numbering Plans, © 2001-2012 there we can enter the imei blackberry listed in our unit, there will show if we put imei registered (PIN or IMEI can be sure we are not a ² generated from the hands of "creative"), with its data type of the handset there and so on. But klu response from the server like this "Note: Please check the IMEI number. The Entered number is invalid. [Err 901] ", then certainly when your blackberry using the PIN and IMEI sewaktu2 generate and be prepared if your PIN was SUSPEND.Ciri feature in CloningIni his Blackberry The Blackberry characteristic traits that have been cloned and the active simultaneously,
Because of the double-PIN, the service may crash. Can use the Blackberry Messenger but sometimes error Push email is also a problem so it is sometimes not login
Browser disabled PIN with a PIN Generate Different Cloning There are also experts who likes fun Blackberry PIN number to make beautiful and merobah BB pin them with the same software and create or generate the PIN numbers pretty. Once generated PIN, they can use fuel as usual. However, the way this toy will not last long as RIM servers automatically checks and the PIN will remove them and not an official of the fuel can not be used anymore. what if there are two same PIN? Two BB have the same pin must be fought and one of them can not be used smoothly.
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How To Replace Display Pictures ( DP ) BBM

Author Catty Wilson on Sabtu, 28 Juli 2012

How To Replace Display Pictures ( DP ) BBM - Slalu dude who likes mutually profile pic or picture display DP) in the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)? It is quite difficult if a sudden need to install a new photo display picture BBM, while the old image still want to install it again if you're fed up with the images used.

Now there are applications BBM Newest Display Changer that allows BlackBerry users to change the photos on display at the BBM picture automatically. Do it easy, stay for the folder and add the photos you want to make a display picture, and set the time interval of every few minutes can change the picture in picture display. So if you have the display automatically turns his own picture, you no longer need to manually change the display picture. Because this application functions to change the display picture in BBM, application, already BBM Connected. This is important for applications that Slalu ..

Interested in using it? These applications up and available at a price $ 1.99 (price does not reach Rp 20 000) in the BlackBerry App World. But if you want to try first, provided his trial. So before deciding to buy it can try before application of fuel this Changer Display until the specified time limit. For those who want to try or buy directly please visit

How To Replace Fuel May Automatically DP can be beneficial for all the friends, do not forget to always visit the blog for all cyber yes will continue Narsis updated every day. and read the Group Animation For DP Blackberry Messenger (BBM) and Download Free Animated Mobile For Blackberry Messenger DP
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Gambar DP ( Display Picture ) BBM

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Gambar DP ( Display Picture ) BBM - display picture bbm, bbm dp, picture displays, picture displays blackberry, Blackberry DP, dp bb, profile picture bbm, dp blackberry messenger, bbm display, picture display invisible bbm, bbm dp invisible, display picture bb - Than no work, then I post a few pictures cool display picture from various sources. It's perfect for the enthusiast fuel wherever you are. Update status or update images per minute may be used to do it my friend. Ahh this is not clear why. Simply download the following

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Display Pictures (bbm) Funny Indonesia

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Display Pictures (bbm) Fuel Funny - DP BBM Lucu - On this occasion, I will share a funny picture display ( DP ) Indonesian language. I specialize to visitors from Indonesia. On this occasion, I will share a funny picture display Indonesian language. I specialize to visitors from Indonesia. Funny pictures of this very popular Mourinho dipenjuru domestic football lovers. For that I share to my friend. Consider also a description of Mourinho who is that?

Jakarta - Real Madrid veteran coach Jose Mourinho from Portugal will certainly arrive in Jakarta, Wednesday (06/13/2012) this afternoon using a private jet.

Mourinho described his jet landed at the airport priadinya Halim Perdana Kusuma. He later will hold an exclusive meet and greet event at a fancy bar at Hotel Borobudur. He was scheduled to be in Jakarta on June 13 to 14 and overnight hotel not far from the Bull Field, Jakarta.

"Jose Mourinho is expected to land in Jakarta this afternoon with a private jet at Halim air base PK," said Director of Communications, Hotel Borobudur, Frances Kansil to INILAH.COM, Wednesday (06/13/2012).

In a meet and great to be held this evening, the coach who just won La Liga with Real Madrid was accompanied by super agent Jorge Mendes, who mengageni seasoned players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Ricardo Carvalho, Nani, Falcao, Quaresma and figures like the famous football coach Luiz Felipe Scolari and Mourinho himself.

Meet and great the show itself, reportedly carried out exclusively, with no ticket sales. Parties are invited to the meeting, is a top national businessmen who enjoyed the style of coach Mourinho.

Mou been to Jakarta after a previous stay in Singapore. The coach provides support to the sports foundation that was established in Singapore businessman, Peter Lim, Singapore Olympic Foundation (SOF). As the name implies, SOF will provide scholarship support to young men who have talent in sports.

Mourinho had a shiny reputation. He has won league titles in four different countries. In Portugal with Porto, in England with Chelsea, in Italy with Inter Milan and Madrid in Spain last together. Mou also twice won the Champions League with Porto and Inter Milan. [IAF]
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